Professional Editing Services
FSW For Serious Writers

Write out of exigency; If you don't need to write it no one will need
to read it.

Dear Writer,
Welcome to
FSW, an editorial service for serious writers.  
What do you need?

  • Someone to help you move forward?  (Developing characters,
    deepening thoughts, shaping plots?)
  • Are you hot with dreams but can't bring them to the page?
  • Full of ideas but nervous about the nuts and bolts: grammar and spelling?
  • In love with language and need structures and strategies for honing your
  • Want a good reader to tell you if what you wrote is what she reads?
  • Need a polish job: an editor and proofreader with an eagle eye for the
    final draft?  
  • Are stuck in the middle of a proposal or presentation?  Does you report
    need clarity?
  • Need a plan for your project?  How to get started and how to follow      
    through? Beginner or pro, triage or tune-up, I can help.

Writing for readers is a partnership and it takes some skill to know how   
much you need to give and how much you must keep back so the reader can
do some of the heavy lifting.
  • Have I said too much or not enough?
  • Where do I enter the story?
  • How much do I have to know/tell about my characters?   
  • What can I imply and what must I specify?
  • From what point of view is this story best told?
  • How do I tell the truth and not the facts?
  • When do I use dialogue?  
  • How do I develop a scene?
  • How do I write an essay that persuades and doesn't beat my reader over
    the head?